Heavy Duty Premium Garden Sheds

Heavy Duty Premium Garden Sheds

Our Premium range of sheds are manufactured from High Tensile Bluescope Corodek roofing material and have internal framing which makes them one of the strongest on the market.

They come assembled in Pre-built wall and roofing panels for ease of assembly.

We can customise these shed to have sliding doors fitted, Doors moved to under gable end or sizes reduced to suit your needs — just drop us an email or message and we can advise size and cost to best meet your requirements.

We also have larger sheds of the same construction just make an enquiry and we can make a shed to suit your needs.

Our delivery and installation prices are shown or we can deliver to site for you to assemble (Pricing on request)

Full Structural Frame / Heavy Duty Mid Wall Brace / Range of Colourbond Colour Choices

Standard height and door placementSliding doors in standard position Internal frame

ModelRoof TypeWall HeightBase SizeGable HeightDoorsZinc or Colour Deliver & Install
DEP1515Gable1.83m 1495mm(W) x 1495mm (D)2.1m (H)Single Hinge Door$1200$430
DEP2315Gable1.83m2255mm(W) x 1495mm (D)2.1m (H)Single Hinge Door$1350$450
DEP2323Gable1.83m2255mm(W) x 2255mm (D)2.1m (H)Single Hinge Door$1550$475
DEP3015Gable1.83m3020mm (W) x 1495mm (D)2.1m (H)Double Hinge Doors$1550$450
DEP3023Gable1.83m3020mm(W) x 2250mm (D)2.1m (H)Double Hinge Doors$1600$490
DEP3030Gable1.83m3020mm (W) x 3020mm (D)2.1m (H)Double Hinge Doors$1700$550
DEP3815Gable1.83m3765mm (w) x 1495mm (d) 2.1m (h)Double hinge doors$1650$600
DEP3823Gable1.83m 3765mm (W) x2255mm(D)2.1m (H)Double Hinge Doors$2100$700
DEP3830Gable1.83m 3765mm (W) x 3020mm(D)2.1m (H)Double Hinge Doors$2250$750
DEP3838Gable 1.83m3765mm x (W) x 3765mm (D)2.1m (H)Double Hinge Doors$2700$850
DEP4523Gable1.83m4460mm (w) x 2255mm (d)2.1m (H)Double Hinge doors$2650$750
DEP4530Gable1.83m4460mm (w)
3020mm (d)
2.1m (H)Double Hinge Doors$2950$800
DEP1515EHGable2.1m1495mm (w) x 1495mm (d)2.4m (h)Single hinge Door$1300$480
DEP2315EHGable2.1 m2250mm(W) x 1495mm (D)2.4m (H)Single Hinge Door$1400$500
DEP2323EHGable 2.1m2250mm(W) x 2250mm(D)2.4m (H)Single Hinge Door$1700$525
DEP3015EHGable 2.1m3020mm(W) x 1495mm (D)2.4m (H)Double Hinge Doors$1650$500
DEP3023EHGable2.1m3020mm (w) x 2250mm (d)2.4m (H)Double Hinge Doors$1700$550
DEP3030EHGable 2.1m3020mm (W) x 3020mm(D)2.4m (H)Double Hinge Doors$1900$600
DEP3815EHGable 2.1m3765mm(W) x 1495mm (D)2.4m (H)Double Hinge Doors$1850$650
DEP3823EHGable2.1m3765mm (w) x 2250mm (d)2.4m (H)Double Hinge Doors$2300$750
DEP3830EHGable2.1m)3765mm (W) x 3020mm (D)2.4m (H)Double Hinge Doors$2450$800
DEP3838EHGable2.1m3765mm(W) x 3765mm (D)2.4m (H)Double Hinge Doors$2900$900
DEP4523EHGable 2.1m 4460mm (w) x 2255mm (d) 2.4m (H) Double Hinge Doors $2900$800
DEP4530EHGable2.1m4460mm (w) x 3020mm (D)2.4m (h)Double Hinge doors$3200$850

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